Take Action

  1. Connect with HCA
    Become a member. Donate. Volunteer with your local chapter, or start your own.
  2. Invite a speaker
    Contact us to line up a speaker. Then host a house party with neighbors, family, friends and colleagues. Or get us a spot on the meeting agenda of your club or church group.
  3. Send a letter
    Write to your state legislators expressing support for the California Universal Health Care Act. Write to your local paper pointing out how a single-payer system could alleviate the problem described in a particular news story.
  4. Get the word out
    Put together your own personal list.  Forward information to contacts when there’s important news or need to act.
  5. Seek endorsements
    Ask businesses, city councils and school boards, and prominent individuals in your community to endorse single-payer legislation.
  6. Stay up to date